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ReemBrain by chibi-muse ReemBrain by chibi-muse
Have you ever forgotten your keys, thinking they were in your pocket?

ReemBrain is an Interaction Design project.
My partner Edgar Sandoval and I conducted a research workshop and built a prototype of an interactive memory aid.

Reembrain is designed to tell a person whether or not they have items like their cellphone, wallet or keys as they walk out the door.
It makes a specific sound and lights up an image of the object if it is in your pocket.
If the object isn't present it plays a buzzer sound and doesn't illuminate the picture.
The use of sound, light and images is more effective in aiding memory than text because it uses more than one sense.

Using an Arduino board the prototype recognizes the RFID tags on the objects. It lights a specific LED and emits a unique sound for each object.
The final device would use an RFID sensor on the door, like those used in stores.
djorgensen Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010  Professional General Artist
Oh, very interesting! Of course if you have an RFID blocking wallet though, your hooped :P
How is it to tell if you do not have any of the three objects? Or if you are a guest for that matter?
chibi-muse Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010
We didn't develop the project past the proof-of-concept stage due to the short time frame, so we didn't get into details like RFID blocking wallets.

If none of the RFID tags are detected it makes a buzzing noise, so this prototype doesn't take into account things like guests, but I can think of ways we could solve that problem in a more developed version.
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